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About Us




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                                           Reka's Acres Lavender Farm LLC

                                    Welcome to Reka’s Acres Lavender Farm LLC. Our farm is named after our favorite Norwich Terrier.   We came here to give her a place to run. Her profile is part of our logo to remind us of her enthusiastic spirit which now roams among the Lavender.

                                    We had an idea to plant a hillside of Lavender which we began in 2017 and completed in 2019. Our plants have matured and provides us with their heady scent which floats on the evening breeze, often a fitting touch to a busy day.

                                    Our farm is a small family operation to provide pure essential lavender oil from the eight varieties in our lavender hillside. We also have fresh flowers July through August. Our pure lavender hydrosol comes from our oil distillation, and our dried lavender buds are gathered in early to provide fat oil filled buds. We provide quality products through our direct harvest and production work. We hope you enjoy the results of our efforts and come to appreciate them as we do.